TeleMedVIP Membership (TX, CO, AZ Residents)

TeleMedVIP Membership (TX, CO, AZ Residents)

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Welcome to an evergrowing telehealth network where you can see your doctor, counselor, nutrition coach, peer support, or other health staff via HIPAA secure video on your phone or tablet. Registration for 6 months costs $50 plus $5 for each additional person in your home that you want to add. After your registration fee, your cost is only $25 per month for the next 5 months. After this 6 month period, you can renew for another 6 months to continue at only $25 per month.  

Some medical services may require the purchase of a TytoHome device in our Go Bag which is sold separately. 

This membership fee only includes access to the Network with each provider setting their own rates for services provided.  

Current Services in the network include:

Primary Care

"Immediate" Return to Health Care (TX/ CO only)

Nutrition Coaching

Individual Counseling (TX/ AZ only)

Peer Support Services (TX only)

Stress Management

Physical Training

Health Education

Meal Planning

Sexual Health

Type II Diabetes Plan (TX/ CO only)

Cosmetic Surgery Questions (TX only)