Virtual Doctor Visits with a focus on Wellness and Preventive Medicine

TeleMedVIP provides in home doctors visits by using a state of the art diagnostic device and an app that you can operate with your cell phone, tablet or computer.  The app is connected to our network of physicians, nurses and specialists.   Experience the comfort of seeing a doctor in your home, 24/7.  

TeleMedVIP is on the forefront of medical practice by employing anticipatory medicine, which goes well beyond preventative medical care.  Your annual wellness exam will include screenings such as DNA and extensive family history to determine your risk factors for certain conditions and pre-empt them with proper care.  The TeleMedVIP network includes an entire cadre of experts in all fields to be able to provide holistic care.  Whether it's stress managment, diet, exercise, nutrition, or many others, we have the experts who can guide you into health and keep you there for the long term.  

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